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Debunking 8 Myths About Boudoir

As full-time photographers (who are absolutely OBSESSED with boudoir shoots), we know how many myths are out there that misinform ladies like yourself. Often times, misinformation gets passed around the Internet, or maybe even a friend of yours had a bad boudoir session experience. Today, we are Debunking 8 Myths About Boudoir. Prepare to see boudoir sessions in a new light after this one!

Myth #1

“I have to have a significant other to do a session for.” - FALSE.

We have tons of single women who schedule a boudoir session for themselves. You absolutely do not need to have a partner to gift the photos to - do it for yourself, girl!

Myth #2

“I should wait until I’m at my “goal body” before booking my session.” - FALSE.

Working with women of all different shapes and sizes, it’s easy to realize that we all see something in ourselves that we would like to change. Even if you view someone as having the “perfect body”, odds are… there’s something they don’t like about themselves. Please please please, celebrate your body in every season of your life.

Myth #3

“Only “smaller” women can do a boudoir session.” - FALSE.

All bodies are beautiful. As boudoir photographers, we know how to pose your body in ways that flatter YOUR body. We ask our clients before their sessions what areas of their body they love, and what areas they don’t. That way, we know exactly how to pose you. Prepare to see your body in a brand new light, through someone else’s eyes; you are sexy as you are.

Myth #4

“I’m so pale. I should get a spray tan before the session.” - FALSE.

Please don’t! We don’t recommend having a spray tan before a boudoir session. A lot of times, your skin tone will pull orange tones in the photographs. Just as you embrace your size, embrace the color of your skin. If by chance, you do have a spray tan before your session, just reach out to your photographer for some tips on how to tone it down.

Myth #5

“I have to have a ton of lingerie to bring to my session.” - FALSE.

Girl, we gotchu. We have a full client wardrobe emphasizing size inclusivity, with sizes ranging from XS-4XL.

Myth #6

“I’m pregnant. I’ve missed my chance to do boudoir.” - FALSE.

Alright, mama. This is THE time to do your boudoir session. This is an opportunity for you to see how beautiful your changing body is as your grow a little one. Pamper yourself, you deserve it.

Myth #7

“I’m going to have to be completely naked.” - FALSE.

We always tell our clients that we are comfortable with what YOU are comfortable with. Some women are most comfortable being completely nude and want to take some super artsy photos of their bodies. Other women are most comfortable in some boy shorts and their husband’s dress shirt. No 2 boudoir sessions are the same; you can make it what you want.

Myth #8

“I’m not super girly, so boudoir isn’t for me.” - FALSE.

However you feel the most sexy, we will CHEER YOU ON.

If you only take one thing away from this, folks, let it be this: Boudoir is for every body - regardless of size, skin tone, age, etc. You are beautiful. You are sexy. You deserve to be celebrated. If you’re feeling empowered and inspired, head over to our Boudoir Portfolio for some inspiration. While you’re at it, our Instagram has tons of behind the scenes, client wardrobe options, and more! Let us know below if any of these myths that we debunked surprise you.

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One of the biggest and never mentioned myths is that it's only for women! There are men, and I mean straight men, not just gays, who would like to do it for themselves, girl friends, fiancees, etc. They have the same reasons that women have for wanting to do it. Why can't the men have equal opportunity?

16 мая 2022 г.
Ответ пользователю

This is very true! We offer male boudoir, I know some female photographer do not offer it for safety reasons. For us, it's always my husband and I shooting so there are two of us at all sessions, male or female. :)

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