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Favorite Places to Buy Lingerie

As full-time photographers with an affinity for boudoir sessions, we've done our fair share of research on where to buy lingerie. We love to be able to provide our clients with a large selection of options to choose from to ensure they are able to feel as sexy and confident as they are. If you've ever searched online for lingerie, you know it's either 1) expensive 2) not size inclusive. But have no fear, friends... we're here to let you know our Favorite Place to Buy Lingerie.

Lingerie has come so far in its' years of existence. It wasn't too long ago that the only place to buy actual lingerie was Victoria's Secret; I think still to this day, a lot of individuals believe that is the only place. Over the past few years, lingerie has really done a 180 in accessibility, affordability, and size inclusivity. Today, there are even subscriptions or memberships, such as Adore Me or Savage X Fenty. But, even those places can be a little pricey. So, where is our favorite place?!

Favorite Affordable Option

Drum roll, please... for our favorite affordable place to buy lingerie...SHEIN! Not only does Shein have affordable, trendy clothing... they have a huge array of lingerie. With a ton of different colors, styles, AND sizes, the hardest part is figuring out what to buy. Our client wardrobe is stocked with sizes ranging from XS to 4XL, which is incredible to be able to provide bodies of all sizes with lingerie that makes them feel confident and sexy. Because Shein is so affordable, we are able to supply styles ranging from modest to risqué - there's something for everyone! Shein also allows us to be able to buy in large quantities to make sure that nobody feels excluded because something didn't come in their size.

Favorite "Pricier" Option

But let's be honest here... you really do get what you pay for in clothing (and lingerie). While Shein definitely has a huge selection, we really like to purchase from Etsy to get really unique pieces. Not only does purchasing from Etsy help support small businesses, most sellers allow for customization.

And to answer a commonly asked question: clients are more than welcome to bring their own lingerie and accessories to their boudoir session. If there's anything you would like to see in our client wardrobe, be sure to let us know below or over on our Instagram @lmphotographymn. Be sure to head over to our blog to read up on the latest where we Debunk 8 Myths About Boudoir.


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