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Tips For Writing Your Own Vows

You're getting married and you want to write your own vows, YAY! But how in the world do you do that?! In this post, we will go over Tips For Writing Your Own Vows.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute.

Those of you who are like me might tend to procrastinate a bit. Vows should be something true, from the heart, and not something thrown together last minute. Remember to allow yourself time for writing, rewriting, and revising.

Break Out the Memory Box.

Over the years, we've collected movie tickets, wristbands, maps, cards, and other mementos. If you have anything similar, pull it out and take it all in. Being surrounded by these items will remind you of all the emotions you experienced during those times. Take advantage of that and write from the heart.

Discuss the Length.

Most couples want to keep their vows a secret from each other. However, discussing the length of your vows can be beneficial. Logan and I discussed this before our wedding (only a couple days before...oops). I wrote a whole page, and he wrote bullet points to go off of. Our knowledge of this allowed us to make changes, and now we have our vows framed in our bedroom.

Make Promises.

Writing your own vows gives you the freedom to tell your partner exactly what you want to share with them. Make a list of the promises you want to keep and talk about how you are going to keep them. For me, this is the best part of hearing vows!

Write. Read. Revise. Repeat.

One night when I was overwhelmed by love, I started writing my vows. I opened a note on my phone and began writing how I felt and what promises I wanted to make to him. As the wedding approached, I started putting all those thoughts into vows. Writing a rough draft allows you to take a break and come back to it with a fresh perspective. From there, revise and repeat until you get the vows you've always wanted.

With any luck, these tips will help you write stress-free vows! Feel free to comment if you used any of these tips when you wrote your vows. For more articles like this, follow us on Instagram for the latest news. Check out the Wedding section on our website for more images!


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