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A Guide on What to Wear to Your Photo Session

You have scheduled your photoshoot, so now you must figure out what on earth to wear! You've come to the right place for A Guide on What to Wear to Your Photo Session! Let us help you put the stress of outfit planning to rest.

Think About the Season

It is always recommended that our clients pack two outfits: one casual look and one formal look. Take into consideration the season you will be shooting in when deciding what to wear.

  • Spring - For spring engagement photos, we love materials that are light and flowy. Pale pastel colors are very popular. Lovely Spring florals always look stunning!

  • Summer - Summer offers a lot of versatility in clothing. Rompers and dresses are excellent choices. On warmer days, light fabrics are ideal. The summer is an ideal time to incorporate bright colors into your options.

  • Fall - Oh, I love the Fall season. I love how cozy and colorful it is. Layered outfits are the way to go in this season. A sweater and a light jacket look perfect on a chilly day. Fall is the time for dark, rich colors like maroon and olive green. Accents of plaid are always welcome in my book.

  • Winter - While everything is covered in snow, your wardrobe will stand out. Use this opportunity to experiment with colors and textures. Keep warm; gorgeous peacoats and hats always look great.

Location If you're going to be shooting on the beach, you don't want to be trudging around in sneakers and jeans. Make sure your wardrobe matches the location.

  • Beach – Flowy and light clothing is always something we recommend if water will be involved. Light clothing does not become weighed down as easily as street-style clothing. Make sure to bring a change of clothes for afterward!

  • Woods – Shooting in the woods is one of my favorites, nature can be breathtaking. Keeping your clothing simple will help you stand out and not blend in with all the beauty around you.

  • Cliffs - If you wish to take pictures from cliffs or bluffs, do not wear heels. The formal look is definitely possible, but make sure you have flats on to keep yourself safe. Also, keep in mind that you will probably change at least your footwear once you get to your destination, so pack accordingly.

Compliment Each Other but Don't Match

Pick colors and subtle patterns that complement each other but don't match. Small pops of color that match a shirt or dress are my favorite. Choose a color scheme you will want to see throughout all phases of your wedding. These images may be used for your party, your invitation, or your décor.

Remember to wear something that represents who you are. Don't be afraid to treat yourself to that outfit you've had your eye on for months. You should choose pieces that you feel confident and comfortable wearing! Have fun choosing items, and if you need help, reach out! It is so much fun to assist you in this process.

We hope our Portraits Portfolio will give you some inspiration as you plan your outfits. While you're there, check out our Instagram for tons of inspo, client wardrobe ideas, and more! If you found these tips useful, let us know in the comment section below.


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